6 Week children’s karate course – Starts Jan 14 th 2019

This 6 week course is the perfect introduction to karate. Costing only £20 and including FREE protective equipment worth £15.

The course runs on Monday evenings at the Sennocke Centre 6:45-7:45pm.

You’ll learn the basics of kihon (basic techniques), stance and movement work, kata (forms), kumite (sparring), judo, break-falls and self-defence.

Get in touch to sign up today and get your 2019 off to the best possible start!

Grading Success

Club members were successful in achieving new grades at the association grading in held in December 2018. This was an extremely tough grading and not only was it overseen by the association Shihans, but also Kaicho Bernard Creton, so each grade was well and truly earned. All students should be proud of the effort and determination they showed in achieving these.