Mission Statement

The essence of the International Karate Jutsu Kai Association is in the training of our students.

It embraces a healthy training regime for the mind and body alike, with a style that teaches core inner values such as good manners, respect, discipline, honor, loyalty, and family. With emphasize on physical and educational conditioning, the Karate Jutsu Kai training syllabus will also build character, while improving confidence and self-esteem.

The Karate Jutsu Kai training structure is invaluable to children’s physical growth and psychological development, from a young age through to promoting educational success. For the adult, our training, in addition to the importance of continued health and fitness, it will challenge creativity, enhance leadership skills and social accountability.

Karate Jutsu Kai emphasizes the importance of techniques that have true meaning which easily translates into self defense, as opposed to those that simply look cosmetic.

The style is committed to ensuring every aspect of correct training and understanding is achieved to the highest level, with the guided assurance of top quality instruction. Each instructor will provide you with direction through your Karate training to aid your personal motivations and goals, be it health and fitness or ultimately achieving an Internationally recognized Black Belt that you can be proud of.

In life there are no short cuts and no compromises, there is just hard work, respect and a special sense of achievement through personal endeavour. Karate Jutsu Kai offers you success for life if you can rise to the challenge and face yourself in ‘the ultimate truth’.

With the guidance of Kaicho Bernard Creton, International Karate Jutsu Kai is committed to the preservation of true karate, research, and advancement into and beyond the 21st century.